ICRW Music Spotlight

"Silver Wishes" is a rock-pop single released by The Dan Kirouac Band, written by Daniel Kirouac, ASCAP, and featuring Jenn Zapata on lead vocals.

The Dan Kirouac Band is a studio band assembled to create this rock/pop number. It features Jim Provencher on bass, Mike Christian on drums, and Dan Kirouac on acoustic guitar, keyboards, and percussion. Leo Goupil, studio engineer at Stage & Sound Studio in Manchester, NH, also contributed electric rhythm and lead guitar duties. Jenn Zapata is currently involved in various Long Island, NY projects. Dan Kirouac was a 15-year member of the regional touring Beatles Tribute band BEATLES FOR SALE. The song was mastered by Yoad Nevo, producer and mastering engineer at Nevo Sound in London, England. He has mastered projects by The Bangels, Bryan Adams, and Duran Duran, among others.

The song has been nominated along with others as a past contender for SONG OF THE YEAR for New England by Limelight Magazine, based out of Boston, MA.

You'll hear this song on Crowtown Radio and this song is available for purchase at Apple I-tunes and Amazon.com.

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